Lights, Camera, Smile!

Ayre U Nutz Productions (AUN) is a vision that goes exceedingly beyond anything imaginable in decentralized film, media and music production. AUN's goal is to become a collective of aspiring actors, filmmakers, music artists, screen writers, sound mixers and technocratic craftsmen all sharing a common goal of acting completely disruptive, going off-script and becoming truly transformative in the film, music and the entertainment industry.

Ayre U Nutz Productions was originally intended as a promotional arm for Ayre Geir Brand Management. The startling flock of ideas and possibilities that encircled AUN's original vision became the nesting ground for laying, hatching and nurturing  an exciting future in next-generation's entertainment.

Current projects are intended to be collaborative incubators in the form of shorts, featured films and reality tv shows. Each project is intended to explore and push the boundaries of collaborative creativity with the explicit intent of pitching our big-picture ideas within the established industry. AUN's long-range vision is to one day produce, manage and distribute all of its own creative content and become a leader in collaborative entertainment.

What sets AUN apart from every other production company out there? AUN is obsessed with finding the elusive nut! The nut who feels it's in their nature to break the traditional rules. The nut who's searching for something new, something different, something exciting. The nut who sees the big picture, sees themselves in that picture, and who is driven by curiosity to see who else is in that picture.

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Film Production

From script writing to post production support, AUN recognizes that its key investors are the stake holders who invest their time, talent and resources into our projects. Access Hollywood is no longer dependent upon location-location-location, but a shared vision towards a future in decentralized film and media production.


The natural actors capture us on just about every level being who they are in real life. From the girl next door to the guy with a delivery side-hustle, AUN knows that actors are everywhere and come from all walks of life. Today's nontraditional actors are primarily motivated by inclusion in the creative process.


Decentralization is more than just about negotiating with the guilds and taking Hollywood out of the picture when it comes to financing, control and heartthrob stardom breaks. AUN believes that the real future direction of media and film decentralization, will be in actual ownership in the creative process.

From film production to final editing, technology continues to outpaced our ability to control and influence how these advances influence and impact what will be next generation entertainment. AUN recognizes that its long-term success will be dependent upon building a far-reaching community of both the tech-savvy and the most talented content creators.

four reel films lying on white table
four reel films lying on white table
Music & Singing

AI, open source protocols, crowdfunding blockchains and NFTs are revolutionizing music distribution, identity, rights and royalty management. Social media and music streaming platforms have been drastically altering the relationship between the music artist and the listening community. AUN recognizes the shifting landscape of music-related media content and the strategic importance of building and leveraging equity platforms that rewards artists and consumers.

Decentralized film, media and music production poses unique leadership challenges for directors and producers alike, especially regarding creative decisions and vision ownership. Collaborative inclusion in the creative process puts actors on both sides of the camera lens, script writers present alongside filming crews and sound engineers playing an integral part in narrative development and story telling.

Being positively disruptive is far more than just breaking the old rules, it's about redefining the entire creative process from start to finish and rethinking ownership. The big picture for decentralized film and media production will be where the creative credit resides, who's in control of production and distribution, what constitutes exclusive media ownership rights and what exactly should be the end-benefit for the consumer.