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PETA going to have plenty to say when this circus rolls into town? I mean who the clapper is in charge of who? Forget the whips, these untamed animals couldn't find their way out of their own cages even if you paid them. Oh, and speaking of pay, where's all this revenue even going? Box office sales are struggling to find a line, while the concession stands are being overran by an audience demanding more Nutz.

Decentralized film and media has never been wilder, yet the critics seem to be off on safari to avoiding stepping in their own dung piles. Apparently, the guilds and Hollywood missed the latest memo stating that everything on the big screen has recently been turned upside down. The clowns have taken over the show and it's a trapeze act trying to figure out who's in the spotlight, and where this hysterical production train might be heading next.

So, grab your popcorn, because this film crew may be headed to a town near you. The Greatest Show on Earth is more than just a spectacle of excitement and entertainment, it's a three ring circus of the insanely bizarre. The really great news is that the seatings unlimited, and there's no longer that foul Hollywood stench in the air. As for PETA and anyone else in the audience - Yes, it's perfectly ok to feed these animals along the way.

Film Crew

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Shattered Hollywood is taking the walk of shame and begging for more of the action now that this 'Film Crew' is rolling in the credits.