The Bucket List


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Fifty men spanning the fifty states will gather for a fifty-week challenge to discover who is the true Champion of The Bucket List! Each week, these contestants will travel to a new state to test their courage, endurance and their will to succeed. Excuses are not an option and previous experience can't guarantee success.

The challenges are both mental and physical in nature. Each week is different, and every challenge on The Bucket List has its own level of risk, uncertainty and triumph. Getting to the right place on time in order to compete that week is only half the battle. The clues on where to meetup for the challenge, and the degree of difficulty for completing each item on the bucket list, will only get harder with each passing week. Missing the weekly roll call and you're out of the game. No Excesses!

There are no retakes and there are no second chances to complete the bucket list. In the end, there can only be one winner and the crown prize for that one winner is a 5 million dollar prize, along with the bragging rights of being the 'Champion of The Bucket List'. Our only question left to ask is - do you have what it takes to complete the Bucket List?

The Bucket List

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Fifty-six year old senior executive and empty nester Ben Reiland is feeling like his life has flown by too quickly. He knows he's been blessed with good health, a beautiful and loving wife, and he's always had the tremendous support of his loving family.

Throughout the years, his professional career has been challenging, kept him on his toes, allowed him to travel here and there and afforded him the opportunity to plan for a fairly comfortable retirement with his wife.

In essence, he wouldn't really change a thing about his life, family or career choices, but he does feel like he's maybe missed his window for the chance to do a few fun and exciting things he always thought he'd have a chance to do when he was a younger man in his 20's, 30's or 40's. You know, guy stuff!

The funny thing is the other night he was watching television with his wife, when a trailer came across the screen for an upcoming reality television show called 'The Bucket List'. The premise sounded incredible and exciting, and he felt like the the promoter was speaking directly to him saying "you can do this - this is your chance you've always been waiting for."

Before he could even open his mouth, his wife spoke up from the couch and said "honey, you should go for that!" Without hesitation, Rick said to her, "I was just thinking the same thing." "No seriously," she said "you should really do it - besides you could win five million bucks if you win!"

The Bucket List

'Men's Edition'






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