AUN Dogma

"Never pay full price for your own bullshit"

The Art of Thinking Differently will only occur after a deliberate regurgitation from the overconsumption of someone else's nonsense.

The Art of Acting Differently will only occur after a deliberate rearrangement of all perceived and tangible barriers.

The Art of Feeling Differently will only occur after a deliberate reconciliation of all suppressed emotions.

There is an indescribable thrill of putting something together without any direction. Perhaps the following will be helpful for everyone else who can’t figure things out on their own.

Mission Statement

Become a consumer household name by providing outrageously entertaining and socially impactful content across traditional and new media platforms.

Vision Statement

To be the go-to source for birthing wild and wacky ideas.

Company Motto

If not this, then what and if not that, what else?

Core Values

Stay Bold - Beyond Gold

Core Principles

The Lighthouse & The Compass Rose

Diversity Philosophy

Diversity is more than who you invite into your house. Diversity is who is seated at the table.

Equity Equality Philosophy

Those that build it, should be those who get to enjoy it.

Moral Money Philosophy

Resisting temptation is the best way of not becoming a glass house.