The Border Derailment


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Recently there's been a rash of domestic terrorist acts against soft targets. Law enforcement and the military are befuddled about who might be behind the violence. The only thing for certain is that these attacks are increasing and spreading nationwide. Public opinion quickly places blame on the nation's open border policy. Desperate for any break, the FBI rolls out a 'Look and Listen' campaign, offering up to 10 million dollars in reward money for any information leading to the capture and arrest of the person or the group responsible for these attacks.

Amtrak employees Kofi Armstrong and Connor Smith carpool each day from Fort Hill to South Station. Local radio station Talk 1200 helps to pass commuters' time speculating on the who, where, and when the next attack will take place. Now with the FBI's offer on the table, callers begin dominating the airwaves with their stories on how they would spend their portion of the reward money. The FBI's new 'Look and Listen' campaign might not be producing any real leads, but it sure has South Boston dreaming about a 'ticket to ride' their way out of the commuter blues.

When Connor visits his sister Erin's family in Connecticut for the Easter weekend, he and his 13-year-old nephew Kyle take advantage of the unusually warm springtime temperatures to go for an evening 'walk and talk' on the nearby rail tracks. The passing of his sister's husband a few years back has been hard on the whole family, and particularly hard on his nephew Kyle. Conor tries to do what he can to be the occasional surrogate father and hero figure in Kyle's life, but living out of state has been his excuse for not being around more than he should be; however, that bad habit is about to break after uncovering something he never knew about his nephew Kyle.

Border Derailment

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'Ticket to Ride'

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"Smokin' " Amtrak employee needs to "Hitch a Ride" into Boston's South Station each morning, and it's been a "Long Time" since Connor's had any real "Peace of Mind" or even "More Than a Feeling" that his life will get back on track any time soon.


CONNOR SMITH: Late-forties. Attractive, confident and witty Amtrak Conductor, who's increasingly becoming troubled by his selfish ways and mounting financial problems. Desperate to turn his life around, he's willing to bet everything to put his life back on track.

KOFI ARMSTRONG: Early-fifties. Calm and likable Amtrak Police Officer, who's physical stature and persuasive candor quickly builds trusting relationships with others. Bored by the routine pattern of life, he indulges in the simplest pleasures to get himself through the day.

ERIN: Mid-forties. Exhausted widower and mother of three, who's struggling to maintain a positive outlook on life and keep everything together for the sake of her family. Worried by recent changes in her son's behavior, she's afraid for his well-being and at a complete loss on how to maintain a connection with her son.

KYLE: 13 years old. Kind, but somewhat nerdy and non-athletic teenage boy, who quietly spends his time alone in his room and on the computer. Obsessed with his uncle's larger than life personality and carefree lifestyle, he's quickly becoming consumed by an online addiction that he hopes will build a connection to his uncle.

KATHY: Early-forties. Pretty, quiet and slightly shy family attorney happens to be a recent divorcee, who's had a secret crush on her client's brother. Afraid of crossing any lines, she quickly and freely expresses her unsolicited and hypocritical opinions in order to deflect any possible relationship suggestions.

PASSENGER 1: Mid-twenties iron worker and sports fanatic.

PASSENGER 2: 40 years-old stock broker and gambling addict.

PASSENGER 3: 63 years-old Providence RI business man with crime family ties.

GIRLFRIEND: 33 years-old single Hairdresser

JIMMY O'BRIAN: 52 years-old morning talkshow host at TALK 1200.

OWEN: 8 years-old adorable boy who's quick on his toes with the unexpected comic relief.

AMANDA: 11 years-old cutie and little drama queen with a spitfire attitude.





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