The Practically Vicious


The ladies of Pleasant Valley have their panties in a twist when these undocumented mothers decide to join their children's local school parent teacher organization (PTO). The president of the group, Susan Whitehall proceeds with amused confusion at first, but quickly turns snappy and snarky after these undocumented mothers start clamoring for justice and bilingual representation.

Frustration builds on both sides as Whitehall tries to explain to these mothers that their parent concerns and questions would be more appropriately directed with the Board of Education. Confused by how the system works, the group's leader, Maria Alvarez continues to voice their group's concerns insisting they've done their part and now it's the school's PTO president job to take these matters before the town Board of Education on the parent's behalf.

When the Board of Education suggests the proposal of separating students into native and english as a second language (ESL) classrooms, anguish and outcry erupts that America is now slipping into a new era of Jim Crowe laws. Maria's hellbent opposition and disgust quickly fuels her mission to unmask and reveal the underlying minority and racial discrimination existing within their community. With media attention now covering the controversy, the group unexpectedly finds help and support from the Anti-Defamation League.

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Practically Vicious

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Undocumented mother Maria Alvarez is picking more than avocados in her dreams, she's sowing the seeds that will one day ripen America's future.