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Freshman Year Experience (FYE) at New England State University is considered a 'joke class' for all first-year students. This new school year, the joke is on the school administration who get more than the bargained after hiring Mcfullashitz to teach the university's FYE evening courses.

Deciding to lecture to his own curriculum, McFullashitz' zeal soon catches the attention of The Office of the Provost. Threatening him with termination unless immediate corrective action is taken, the students quickly rise up in protest, favoring support for McFullashitz' unconventional teaching style and theoretical learning approach.

Tolerating McFullashitz' immense popularity is one thing for the university to grapple with, but quite another when the school's academic reputation becomes embroiled in headline news over the professor's political and anti-institutional view points. Responding to the inferno of controversy set ablaze by McFullashitz, The Board of Regents soon find itself directly under heat to quickly quell and douse the spread of a growing firestorm.

Professor McFullashitz

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Rebel Alan McFullashitz is a blue collar by day and an off-the-cuff adjunct professor by night, who uses his position to inspire students to rethink their purpose in life and expose the societal scam of higher education.