The Good Hood


Pranking the new maintenance worker is just one of the ways these delinquent teens like to pass their time at North End Gardens, but thats all about to change when new hire Darnell Jackson gets called-in for an 'emergency bursted pipe' on Christmas Eve.

Darnell, a former gangbanger back in the day grew-up fatherless, godless and with a conviction that life was basically meaningless. Now a young man in his mid-thirties, he's only too generous and happy to show these misguided teens, that it going to take more than just twisting a few pipes together to start fixing what's really broken around here.

Finding himself on the wrong side of the fence, Darnell soon finds himself caught-up in a 'us against them battle' over management-tenant relations. Matters quickly worsen when one of the community's beloved youth passes away from a fentanyl overdose. Devastated by the loss, Darnell decides to put HUD's mission statement to the ultimate test "utilizing hosing as platform for improving the quality of life."

The Good Hood

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'Somebody's Sucker'


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Devastated maintenance worker Darnell Jackson is on a mission to break the rules in order to fix a community's broken hope.