About Us

"The handbook for what’s never been done before has no copies"

Ayre U Nutz Productions (AUN) is the brainchild of Ayre Geir Brand Management, LLC. AUN was originally conceived as a promotional arm for Ayre Geir Brand Management, to assist and facilitate in the creation, development and promotion of video content utilizing traditional as well as new media art. Immediately following its inception, there was an unsourced desire to test the limits of creativity, while simultaneously trying to draw attention to today’s social, political and environmental issues. This monumental shift in thinking went far beyond anything that was originally envisioned or intended as a promotional arm of Ayre Geir Brand Management.

This visionary dilemma became a significant obstacle to charting the future direction of both organizations. At the root of it all, was a protectiveness and outright selfishness over the namespace Ayre U Nutz Productions. The issue was not whether AUN could or should chart off in its own direction, rather the driving question which had to be answered was - does AUN have a higher calling?

Initially, there was a feeling that AUN could be both a marketing and promotional arm of Ayre Geir Brand Management, as well as, a media entertainment company. Concerns over whether the horse and the cart were increasingly becoming in competition with one another for its own distinct identity complicated the matter even further. From a creative content perspective, there was no question about the passion and abundance of material that was practically already written and just waiting for an avenue to unload.

Ultimately, a conclusion was reached, that two prized horses were definitely better than just one, but AUN had to be set free in order to chart its own future. On the business side, two key questions remained that first had to be answered before making any firm decision about AUN moving forward in a distinctly different direction. The first was whether there was a genuine feeling of certitude that this media entertainment company could and would eventually become the best in the world at what it does. The answer was an unequivocal yes with the right people on board who were firmly committed and passionate about its core mission and vision.

Equally important, was the question of whether AUN could devise a solid and forecastable revenue strategy to take itself from its early startup stage to a diverse and widely recognized household name in the media and entertainment industry. Further convoluting this ambitious goal, was an assertion that AUN would need to get big fast and get big fast the right way. That is to say that AUN would have to grow organically, socially and morally, without any temptation of accepting financial support from individuals or organizations with their own political, social or financial agenda on the table. In other words, AUN would first and foremost have to get its core principles, values, moral money matters right!

Simply put, AUN would first and foremost need to write its own governing constitution. for what's never been done before. A framework that would layout its organizational structure and vision roadmap for the people