AUN's Values

"There's a least one variable in everyone's life equation. Assigning the right value is paramount to whether it all makes sense."

This is us, this is who we are, this is why we're all in. We're absolutely nutz, we definitely know it, and we don't care. We love to laugh, we need to sing, we dance to our own beat and we're always looking for a new audience to perform. We are, Ayre U Nutz Productions!

Stay Bold Beyond Gold

There is a 0.00006% chance of building a company that will grow to be worth more than a billion dollars. Perhaps these twelve core values along with our principles will help us to get us there.

Think Differently

Conformity is a mental prison that most people will never be able to break free from. By the time that a person is able to reason on their own, they will have been fully conditioned and indoctrinated by a system that values and reinforces behavioral risk avoidance. Fear will be the governing emotion that ensures adherence of a person's compliance in favor of the values, norms and rules of the society for which they were brought up in.

Life's Short

Roll the credits, because there is a likelihood that you're probably never really going to get your act just perfect. Sometimes close enough is the best that a person or entity can reasonably expect to ask for. For the one that wants to do it all and see it all - close enough - well its sometimes more than enough.

Big Nutz

Take risks or else become comfortable watching the courageous do what they do. Most people need heroes and idols to escape their own insecurities and inhibitions, not to aspire or be motivated by their champion's footsteps. Big Nutz is more than just a person's attitude or posture - Big Nutz is more about being comfortable - being uncomfortable. In the end, it's not really all about the size of your nutz - its whether you even remember to pack them if you decide to come along.

Recognize Talent

It's everywhere that you look and it's in everyone who's looking back at you. It's within you, it's around you, and it's just waiting for you to see it. Raw talent is never going to be uncovered in a resume or discovered by a talent agent. It's within you, and it's just waiting for you to recognize that it's always been you.

Daily Ideas

Bring your brain to work with you - not just your laptop and lunch. Imagine coming up with a new idea every day that you went to work for someone else. Eventually, you will have amassed an intellectual fortune on top of your daily wages. Now image if you were to share your best ideas with whom you worked for. The question would surely become who works for who?

Constantly Reinvent

What again or should we say now again? Change is how we measure time historically, in our society and cultural norms, through the evolution of pop-culture, in business practices, our daily lives and even the rotation of the stars. The truth is that people eventually get bored with the status quo and anything that seems old or antiquated. Change is not just the reality of lives, it's the secret to life. Ecclesiastes 1:9 teaches us that "what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." Perhaps, the most harmonious way to think about the future is to constantly reinvent ourselves.

Get Started

Figure it out is more than just a social disengagement saying or a mental challenge for someone to come up with a solution. Figure it out is an attitude and the unofficial title of our handbook. Chances are that you and only you are the best qualified person to assess, evaluate and determine the best course of action to get started and begin moving things forward. When push comes to shove, you'll quickly learn whether you're part of the problem or part of the solution.

Anything’s Possible

Ayre way is an unproven way, and the really great news is that no one should be telling us that what we're doing is all wrong. Pledging to be positively disruptive means that you're already thinking differently than everyone else who thinks they know all the rules of the game. To truly achieve the unimaginable, means that one must be willing to take certain risks that others don't necessarily feel comfortable taking.

Visualize Music

There is an accompanying musical piece for every scene that unfolds in life. Sometimes the arrangement is in the background while other times it dominates the forefront and action. Music sets the mood and narrates the untold story.

Leverage Technology

Cut your age in half, and then in half again, and you’ll begin to see the future. A sixty year old technology professional will unlikely understand what interests a thirty year old in the same profession. The thirty year old technology professional will unlikely understand what a fifteen year old thinks is cool or exciting. Yet, all thee age groups should be equally seated around the table in order to see the future.

We Rule

No comparison to measure ourselves by means we're way ahead in the game. Graphs and stats are interesting, but at the end of the day people will always be the best story tellers. We'll just follow Ayre Nutz and we'll let the others tell the stories for us.

Working Sucks

Let's have fun and not spend any more time working than you need to, because the only thing worse than working, is working for someone else. Almost as worse than working for someone else, is working for wages, so let's just own the company we work for.

Think Differently – Screw their conformity

Life's Short – Roll the credits

Big Nutz – Take the risk

Recognize Talent – It is everywhere

Daily Ideas – Unleash your noggin

Constantly Reinvent – What that again

Get Started – Figure it out

Anything’s Possible – Ayre way perhaps

Visualize music – Life's a song

Leverage Tech – Half is key

We Rule – There's no comparison

Working Sucks – Let's have fun