The Street Dreams


Street Dreams

When the gridlocked Senate steps away from regular session for their summer recess, President Charles Taylor, nicknamed 'Charming Charlie' nabs the opportunity to fill vacant federal positions with humble servants residing in the Washington Highlands neighborhood. With the intent of making a political statement, the newly coined 'DC Playground' becomes more than just a game for the media who is now referring to Taylor as 'King of The Hill'.

To the nations surprise, these appointees get right to work and start making changes that sure to shake the founding fathers out of their graves. Natasha White, the newly appointed director of Homeland Security dubbed, 'Queen Snitch,' along with Kevin Carter, the nation's newest top dog at the FBI, initiate policies that make the Red Scare and the Guided Age seem like the thrilling days of yesteryear.

Looking towards overturning Taylor's recent appointments, the Senate is shocked by the uptick of support in favor of Taylor and his humble servants. Washington seems to be on the verge of constitutional crisis when the consent of the governed comes to a head in the nation's capitol. As work stoppages spread across every major city in the country, foreign adversaries look to take advantage and exploit democracies inherent weaknesses.

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'King of The Hill'

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Charming Charlie puts the constitution's preamble"We the People" and the articles herein to the ultimate 'democracy' test with his recess appointments.