The Disbelieving Lies


The post modernity period is presently upon us and the wicked have woken. The first and second great awakenings now forgotten to the sounds of yawning in high school history class. Our current awakening has faith and religion being swept under the pews by people favoring artificial intelligence and science to provide life's answers. Reasoning and disbelief are the new winds of change. People have increasingly become mad with God, any form of organized religion and other's superior righteousness.

Reverent Michale Thomas of South Kingston Congregation Church started his Sunday sermon with one simple question - 'Why the Lie'. After sitting in the pews for nearly five long minutes with everyone looking around at one another, wondering and bewildered, a little girl named Jessica in the front row finally stood up and said, "Because Hell's Angles aren't just red and white anymore".

Shocked by the little girls answer and tremendous courage, the pastor asked the girl to please come up to the front by the pulpit. Meeting her halfway as she nervously moved forward, Rev. Thomas laid his hands on the girl's shoulders and slowly turned her around so that the whole congregation was now facing the little girl. Thomas with a radiant smile from ear to ear, said "Ladies and gentleman, I believe that this is the child the world has been waiting for".

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Disbelieving Lies

'Hells Angels'

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Dirty little F@!+# is hiding the truth and these people are mad as hell after discovering the the lie.