AUN's Vision

"Follow your nutz - not their dreams"

Ayre U Nutz Production's (AUN) vision is to be the go-to source for birthing wild and wacky ideas.

Wow, that sounds great, right? The problem with most vision statements out there is that they are intended to be lofty and vague enough, that most audiences never really see the big picture or even the same picture person-to-person. At best they can be considered billboard advertisement conveying the message to come work for us or you should invest in us!

Make no mistake, a vision statement without great leadership and a clearly defined strategy is just someone else's dream.

Let's dive into AUN's vision or should we say AUN's dream of becoming the go-to source for birthing wild and wacky ideas.

The obvious question that needs to be asked is - what exactly does AUN's vision statement even mean? First and foremost it means that AUN envisions building a community of volunteer members who are looking for an opportunity, exposure and an avenue to showcase their skills and talents.

Following up on the first question - why AUN? To answer is that question, is to make a bold assertion that there is nothing in the existing marketplace that even comes close to what AUN is planning and preparing to accomplish.

AUN believes that it is laying the foundation for creative collaboration in decentralized film, media and music entertainment.

Next comes how does AUN expect to achieve or reach its vision. AUN has an intentionally broad strategy based on the notion, that with the right people on he bus - any future destination is possible.

Doesn't that contradict its clearly defined strategy statement? No, AUN recognizes the importance of being both flexible and open to opportunities along the way, which potentially help further its aims and ambitions of becoming the go-to source.

Who are the right people that will