The Going Redline


Fasten your roll cage Walt Disney, because these parental advisories are off the gauge. A workday isn't complete without at least one call from the boss' wife, ready to unleash her latest Nora Desmond performance. And, just in case there are any grammarians in the audience, that shout down emanating from the speaker phone is everybody's cue that the 'Daily Show' has just gotten underway.

Family life has always come first at this tech startup, but knowing if you're an in-laws and outlaw - well that's a whole other story. The old saying, if you know - you know, has a certain je ne sais quoi for these under-credited servants propping up this magic kingdom. Royalties aside, 'The Office' is more than just a peculiar escape or getaway, it's a place to go beyond the limits of strict legality, mask personal insecurities and redline the limits of moral righteousness.

After being consumed by their own Ouroboros, these outlaws start revving the business well beyond the danger-zone, and it isn't very long before everything started overheating from all the snake oil inside the engine. Fueled by greed, jealousy and pride they soon unleash a plague of deceit and destruction onto themselves and all within the Magic Kingdom.

Going Redline

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'Amelia Robinson'

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